Another Something Madatac
Another Something – File Festival
Circle of Lights 2019 – ArtVision Modern Furyco ( Indonesia )
Seven ( Saudi Entertainment Ventures ) Branding Logo Intro
36 Days Of Type
Cyber Dream
Festival Of Lights Berlin at Berliner Dom / Berlin Cathedral Projection Mapping
1 min Projection Mapping Minatopika, Niigata, Japan
Dana Cita
“BOX” Okazaki Tokiakari Award 2019, Kyoto, Japan [2nd Prize]
Uneven Structure – Jogja Video Mapping Festival
Climate Change, Indonesia Pavilion – Paris
AIA New Year Greetings
Seni Instalasi “Sarang Kehidupan” with Garin Nugroho
Nickelodeon Commercial
Equilibrium Rinaldy Yunardi
Capital Market Authority Saudi Arabia
Poltrona Frau Group
AIA – SCORE a trip to LOndon
Adriana Opening Title
Yahoo! Celebrity Awards
R80 Holopod
Explainer Video Red Sea Biogeographic System – RBIS